Dzeko and DJ D-Sol “Down On It (feat. Kool & the Gang)”

Out Now on Payback Records/Big Beat

Dzeko & D-Sol have teamed up to create “Down On It” - a modern reinterpretation of Kool & the Gang’s 1981 classic “Get Down On It.” Dzeko & D-Sol’s version features stems from the original track and comes with the blessing of the legendary act.  

Atmospheric and airy, “Down On It” joins the golden age of disco and funk with the rubbery basslines, effects and builds/drops that define today’s big room sound. While the unmistakeable Kool & the Gang sound is here, Dzeko and D-Sol have done a great job making this production their own. 

“Julian and I met about a year and a half ago and started talking about the idea of remixing a disco/pop classic. I was working on my track “Rescue Me” and Julian had just met Ronald Bell from Kool & the Gang who was willing to let him play with the original “Get Down On It” stems. Julian and I decided to collaborate on the remix and we used the stems as a base for creating a new modern dance track,” D-Sol says. 

Dzeko adds, “Get Down On It” is a song I’ve always loved and thought it would translate well to today’s dance music space. I had the idea to remix the song for three years and played a sketch I made for D-Sol who loved it, so we finished up the track together and with the blessing of Kool & the Gang!” 

“Down On It” is out now on Payback Records - listen here


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